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Bruce Wayne Elite

A Community for TRUE fans..

A Bruce Wayne Elite Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
An elite community for Bruce Wayne/Batman discussion -- dedicated fans ONLY

Welcome to wayne_elite! We are a community for intelligent discussion of the character Bruce Wayne/Batman. All quality fanfics/graphics/etc related to Bruce Wayne or Batman are welcome here. Place all fan media behind a Livejournal cut with appropriate rating and spoiler warnings, if any.

To ensure quality of discussion and media, membership is moderated. All posts are members-only. You must apply for membership in order to see the entries.

How to Apply:

1. No one under 13 may apply. This is Livejournal's rule, and we honor it.

2. Please elaborate. Assume that the words "AND WHY" follow each question in the application. Try to write at least a paragraph for each question. We cannot get a feel for whether or not you would fit in here if you write one-sentence answers.

3. We are looking for an indication that you understand Batman canon as well as Bruce Wayne/Batman as a character. We also want to see that you are capable of basic intelligent discussion about Batman. Please fill out your answers accordingly.

4. We accept fans of all backgrounds: we do not care how long you have or haven't been in the fandom, or if you prefer the comics to the movies to the animated series, etc. We are looking for the traits specified in Rule #3. Do not worry if you cannot answer every question due to your particular history as a fan; just concentrate on showing us that you understand Batman and can speak intelligently about him.

5. Once you submit your application, moderators will vote on your status and get back to you in a timely manner. If you feel that you need to make any changes to your application for any reason, simply contact one of the mods.

6. Please do not delete your application. If you are not accepted, you may reapply after two weeks.

7. Feel free to contact a mod (destinyawakened or azelmaroark) for all questions or comments.

When you're ready to apply, please fill out the application below and post it as a response to this post. Please write "Excuse me, I wanna drive" in the subject line of your comment so we know you've read the rules.

Or copy-and-paste this:

1. How long have you been a fan of Batman as a whole?
2. In 200-500 words, please describe Bruce Wayne, as you see him:
3. What do you love best about Bruce Wayne?
4. What do you dislike about Bruce Wayne?
5. Who played the better Bruce Wayne?
6. Who played the better Batman?
7. Besides Bruce, who are your two favorite Batman-universe characters?
8. What is your favorite Batman comic arc or graphic novel?
9. What is your favorite Batman movie?

Upon your acceptance, you will be given posting access to the community. Please remember to friends-lock all posts. Good luck, and we look forward to discussing Batman with you!


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